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6 Important Tips To Safely and Effectively Use Ice Melt

Posted by Regional Distributors, Inc. on Sep 12 ,2017

Make sure you have the ice melt supplies you need, and know when and how to properly apply ice melt to keep your guests, grounds, and facility safe this winter. Follow these simple 6 tips for safely using and applying ice melt.


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How Magnesium & Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Is Destroying Your Facility

Posted by Regional Distributors, Inc. on Jan 6 ,2017

Millions of dollars of damage are caused each winter due to poor ice melt formulas and misleading information being passed to buyers pertaining to these formulas. Two particularly destructive and misleading elements commonly found in leading ice melters are Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. Be sure to educate yourself on how to safely use ice melt, and understand the different elements that make ice melters effective and safe. Read below to learn common terms and elements of ice melters and review side-by-side comparisons of specific formulas.


Topics: #winter, #floorcare, #snow, #janitorial, #wintertips, #floorcaretips, facilitymaintenance, icemelt, ice melt

Your Best Defense Against Winter: A Guide To Preventative Matting

Posted by Regional Distributors, Inc. on Dec 29 ,2016

As a cleaning professional, you know that floor care is one of the most time consuming and expensive tasks within a facility. During the winter, floor care becomes even more expensive and labor intensive when trying to clean and protect floors from damaging winter-specific soils.

To help protect floors during the winter, building managers turn to preventive matting systems that provide a number of benefits not only during the winter months, but all year long.


Topics: #winter, #floorcare, #janitorial, #wintertips, #floorcaretips, facilitymaintenance, matting